Reflexology Therapy

For those new to our clinic or for our existing clients that may be unaware…… we also offer Foot Reflexology, an ancient & complementary therapy, often referred to as a study of ‘reflexes’ on the feet.

History of Reflexology:

When mankind walked barefoot, the sand or uneven ground acted as a partial ‘Foot Reflexology’ session. When we started wearing shoes, we lost direct contact with the earth and were no longer grounded to it, we lost the natural exchange between the body’s electrical current and those of the earth.
 Early 6th Dynasty, about 2,330 B.C.: Wall painting in tomb of Ankhmahor (highest official after the king) at Saqqara is known as the physician’s tomb. Translation reads ‘Don’t hurt me’. The practitioner’s reply: ‘I shall act so you praise me’.


India, China and Egypt practiced Reflexology thousands of years ago. In the early 1900’s Reflexology was brought to the western world and was used by Dr. William F. Fitzgerald, an MD in Connecticut, who used “Zone Therapy” to deaden pain in some parts of the body. Eunice Ingham also made major contributions to Reflexology. One of the contributions of her practice, found that alternating pressure on a certain point, stimulated healing. She died in 1974 after devoting 40 years to Reflexology Therapy.

Reflexology Therapy is a natural therapeutic method, derived from the study of these ‘reflexes’, which map neurologically to parts, glands and organs of the human body. By using a method of ‘applying pressure’ on the various reflexes found on both feet, Reflexology Therapy can:

• Relieve Tension and/or Stress
• Improve Circulation
• Support the body’s efforts to function at it’s optimum
• Or simply serve as a treat for your feet

During your first Reflexology Session:

Our Certified Reflexology Therapist will start with a consultation, that includes discussing and assessing your medical history and current health conditions, place you in a comfortable and relaxed position and then clean and evaluate your feet for any common foot conditions. The Reflexology Treatment starts using gentle warm-up techniques, followed by a thumb-and-finger walking motion over the reflex points of both feet.


To find out more about this unique natural therapy and how it may specifically benefit you, contact us.